Procedure for Installing Female Quick Coupler Plates

1) Lay the plates on top of each other and make sure they are the same on all sides and grind if necessary (Note: This is very important step that has to be done very careful or it will make fitting the Male Link difficult.)
2) Layout top plate for the spacing of the female plates. The spacing between the female plates should be 3/8 “ to 1/2 “ wider than the Male Link.
3) Tack weld female plates to top of bucket making sure they are square to each other and to the top of the bucket. You may have to shim female plates if the top plate of the bucket is warped. Do not shim more than 1/4 “, if more is required to make female plates square, trim female plates to suit, make sure the female plates are still square after shimming. Make a cardboard template of the side of the male link to make sure it will fit without hitting the top of the bucket and bridge.
4) Once female plates are square and true, tack weld 5 “ diameter tube’s into female plates and brace female plates to each other and to the bucket.
5) The female plates are high strength plate and have to pre heated to appox 200 to 300 deg F. They can be welded with E7018 or T91 Flux Core. After welding is completed the female plates should be post heated and allowed to cool slowly.
6) After bucket is cooled the braces and 5 “ tubes can be removed.
7) The male link will have to be hand fit into the female plates, this can be done with a mini grinder and a 5” disk, and this has to be done on all quick couplers. Be careful not to grind too much, it is best to keep trying the male link often. The lock bar should be in appox 3/4” to 7/8”

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